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The Best Watch Brands To Wear And Gift To Others, From Starter Models To Total Splurges Worth Collecting

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At a time when many of us are enamored with smartwatches and activity trackers, luxury timepieces remain wardrobe staples for their practicality, chic sophistication and transformative outfit potential. A watch choice not only speaks volumes about your personal style, but also about your life philosophy. It means you value the best watch brands rooted in history and innovation, you like having a sentimental connection with what you wear and you place value in craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

The best watch brands today represent the opposite of fast fashion. These timeless timepieces are meant to be worn often, adored for their elegance and passed down from generation to generation. They’re the perfect gift for a milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or really any special occasion. But shopping for a luxury watch can be confusing because there are a lot of nuances—from movements to the complications offered. Whether you’re a collector or new to the watch world, we consulted horologic experts to find the best watch brands to buy right now for every style and price point.

  • Best Overall Watch Brand: Omega
  • Best Expensive Watch Brand: Breguet
  • Best Affordable Watch Brand: Oris
  • Best Luxury Watch Brand: Rolex
  • Best Watch Brand For Men: Vacheron Constantin
  • Best Watch Brand For Women: Cartier
  • Best Dress Watch Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Best Pilot Watch Brand: Breitling
  • Best Diver Watch Brand: Panerai
  • Best Chronograph Watch Brand: Zenith
  • Best Jewelry Watch Brand: Piaget
  • Best Swiss Watch Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Best Precision Watch Brand: Tag Heuer
  • Best Mechanical Watch Brand: Blancpain